A Wellness Revolution

To say that we live in challenging times may feel like an understatement to some.

We live in an age of unprecedented uncertainty, noise, pollution, corruption, and pain. How many people do you know who have a physical illness that somehow the doctors just can’t identify? And that is as nothing to the pain that many of us feel in our hearts and minds.

Fortunately we also live in a time when it is possible for us to take our physical and emotional wellbeing into our own hands. Like never before, we have access to unlimited information at our fingertips. We also have access to healing modalities (types of therapy) that have never existed before on this planet. We can evaluate this information and make the decisions about our health that feel right to us.

As if we are being handed the tools we need right now to repair and give life to the ‘old ship’, these new and emerging healing techniques are faster, more efficient, and their applications are wide-ranging. This is not to say that orthodox medicine does not have its place: on the contrary, these new therapies can complement and enhance what is currently there. However the new therapies go much further than ever before in that they can also heal the root cause of ilnesses, they can take away our emotional aches and pains, and they can help us to remove our old baggage and blocks towards living the life that we really want …a full and vibrant life of total ‘wellbeing’.

There are many ‘new’ therapies out there: too numerous to mention, but my tool of choice, because I have used it for  years and seen some astounding results, is EFT, or Emotional Freedom Therapy.

If you don’t know about it yet, then make a point to find out, IT MAY JUST CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Carol Ann Thorpe

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